Removals Company Also Offer Storage Services!

Earlier this month, we recommended a Perth removals company for your removal needs. But as of last week, we have also discovered that the same company also offer storage services. They offer both short term and long term storage options. In fact, the company has a division dedicated to storage – meaning they have experts in house to answer any questions you may have with regards to the service. For more info, please search for Crusader Storage (Perth). We definitely recommend going with this company if you are ever looking for a reputable and affordable storage provider within the Perth metropolitan area.

Here’s a photo of their storage modules on site:

As you know, we’d love to give you tips that will make your next job that little bit easier. So after finding out about this additional service that the Perth company provide, it makes a lot of sense for you to hire the same company for both your removals and storage needs. Not only you will save money by bundling the two services together, but it also makes life a lot easier by just dealing with one company – rather than two separate ones.

Most people who relocate will also need some sort of storage service. Whether they are relocating temporarily or permanently. For example if you are temporarily relocating to sell the current house that you are in. Why move the furniture to the storage unit whilst trying to sell.. you might ask? Although there could be many answers, the main reason is to display newly hired furniture to give the place you’re trying to sell a bit more oomph! As they say, the better the place looks – the more it will sell for. There is no denying the fact. The same could be said about permanent relocations. Why would someone store their belongings when moving out, why not take the belongings straight to their new place? One possible answer is that people may not necessarily want to bring their old furniture to their new place and instead opting to buy brand new ones.

We’d also like to point out that Crusader Storage is a little different to other run-of-the-mills storage facilities. It is not a self access facility. But instead a very secure self contained facility with modern storage units or “modules”. Although not being a self access storage facility, you can still retrieve your stored items by simply contacting the friendly staff. This allows the company to reduce the price significantly, compared to other providers in the area.

So there you go.. another top notch recommendations from us to you!

Why Moving Out Can Be an Emotional Experience

Moving can be an emotional and unsettling time for a myriad of reasons, particularly if it is the first time you have ever moved out of your family home. So many precious memories are made in a home and can almost seem like they are attached to a particular room or house and the furniture inside it. Of course this isn’t reality, but it can certainly feel that way! Moving into a home (or a dorm room or share house) can be even more unsettling as it it often involves needing to clean out and/ or get rid of/ donate items that won’t fit your new accommodation or which you might no longer need.

Whilst donating items you no longer need to a worthy charity can be a very positive and uplifting experience, sometimes there are precious items from your childhood or things that you aren’t quite ready to part with yet. These items might not be needed or wanted in your new home or room and the thought of having to throw away or donate these items can be a particular source of anxiety, especially if you would like to keep them but have nowhere suitable to store them. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t feel pressured to throw away items that are significant to you!

Hang onto those items that you cherish and instead, check around your new location for storage facilities.

Chances are you can rent a small storage unit for a small and affordable monthly fee, allowing you to store those items that won’t fit in your new accommodation wherever you are moving to. Make sure you compare the size and prices of the local storage companies and make sure that the company you choose offers great security for your peace of mind and also treats pests regularly. We recommend any small items be stored in sturdy plastic tubs for additional peace of mind. This protects your documents or photos and other belongings from pests, damp and has the added benefit of being easily stacked and stored, allowing you to maximise the space you are renting.

Knowing that the belongings you can’t take with you are stored safely and securely can really help ease the anxiety that is often part of moving house.

Utilising Storage Facilities to Create More Space

A cluttered home or business space can be detrimental to both mental and physical health for many reasons which we will discuss further, as well as impacting negatively on productivity in the workplace. Studies have increasingly shown that mental health in particular is negatively affected by living (or working) in a cluttered environment.

What researchers have discovered is that individual’s overall stress levels and anxiety levels are higher in a cluttered home and the more cluttered a home is, the higher the individual’s levels of stress and anxiety!

Science has now proven that decluttering a home can improve our well being in many ways including improving our ability to make decisions, by reducing tension and stress levels, improving sleep quality and lifting our overall mood. In the workplace, a decluttered environment can improve productivity and decision making by employees and generally improves job satisfaction levels. It is hard to argue with the many studies that back up these claims. What do you do, however, when you try to declutter your home or workplace but realise there is a limit to how much you can throw away or donate and that there are many items that you can’t get rid of due to sentimental reasons, or for practical reasons such as needing to hang onto items of furniture or other household goods that you don’t need to use in your current house, but know you will need again soon when your circumstances change?

Throwing everything away and having to rebuy it again at a later date can be costly and inconvenient. This is why we recommend storing the items you don’t need to be physically in your home, in a storage unit. This way you have the ability to declutter your home or workplace and enjoy the many health and practical benefits to having less unused items hanging around the place, taking up space, yet can still hold onto them for when the time is right and they become needed. Storage sheds are very affordable and come in a range of different sizes and have a range of different hire charges attached. Even a small storage unit can make a huge difference in reducing the amount of clutter in your home. We recommend buying large plastic storage tubs to pack your belongings into before placing in storage in order to keep your belongings together, safe and dry. Using storage tubs to store your belongings in also has the added benefit of being able to stack very neatly and can help increase the amount of things that you can fit into your storage unit.

Why not give decluttering your home or workplace a go and experience the myriad of practical and health benefits for yourself. For the sake of a small monthly hire fee and a good household clean out, a storage unit can help you feel calmer, happier, can help you think clearer and be more productive in general. Sounds like the perfect solution to us!

Recommended Removalists in Perth

As I’ve mentioned somewhere on this blog. I have done many house moves in the last five or six years. To be honest with you, I have used several removals companies in my lifetime! Most were average but my last one was exceptional. I was so impressed with them that I wanted to give them a shout out here on this very blog about removal and storage tips. Many of you out there might be thinking this is giving them a free plug on my site. But it’s far from that. I am genuine about mentioning them on my site to show my appreciation of their awesome and exceptional service.

It was a couple years back when I was living in Morley and moving to Cannington (suburbs in Perth for those who don’t know) during peak period. Like I’ve said, I’ve used other removals service, but to be honest the service was average. Being a perfectionist myself, I am always willing to try someone new. Not only that, if their service is good than I would spread the word to the rest of the community and give them a good publicity that they thoroughly deserved. Just like what I am doing by writing and publishing this post. This Perth company trading as Crusader Removals is a top notch removals company employing some of the very best removalists in Perth.

So what made them really good in my opinion? Well to start of with their were very accommodating with my request from the get go. Trust me, I had a lot of questions before booking their truck. Especially with regards to my antique collection. Sure, I had ample of insurance cover for them but the fact that the guys at Crusader Removals reassured me they will take the out most care whilst handling the antique stuff was just what I needed. The last thing I wanted on my mind was the uneasy thoughts of something going wrong with my valuables, especially my antiques.

For those who have not owned or passionate about antique materials might not understand. But I am sure for those who love their antiques can relate to my story.

Some o

Another thing that I loved about them was the fair price. Sure, they’re probably not the absolute cheapest in Perth. But then again, they don’t blatantly try to rip you off either. Which happened to me before in the past. But that’s another story.. for another day.

After speaking to the manager over the phone, they also reassured me that their removalists had plenty of years behind them. To the average person, moving stuff around looks like child’s play but believe me it is definitely not! On top of the ample of experience behind them, they had all the right tools to do the job right, the first time. Unlike others that I have experienced before. But I won’t mention any names here!

So there you go, my quick shout out to this awesome removals company!