Bin Hire for Rubbish Disposal

When moving out of your house, you may find that there is not enough room at the new place to accommodate all of your belongings. In fact, many people when surveyed said that they often had to dispose of the extra “junk” out when relocating. So it comes to no surprise that hiring a skip bin helps alleviate the problem of clutter. Not enough space is not the only reason, things like white goods replacement and home renovations are other reasons for why you may need to hire a skip bin.

When it comes to hiring a skip bin, one has to make sure that a suitable one is chosen to save time and money. Whilst there are many factors which may affect your final decision, below are some of the main ones:

Size of Skip Bin

One of the obvious one is size. Generally speaking, the more rubbish you have, the bigger the bin you will need. But it’s not as easy as it seems, especially if you haven’t hired one before. that is because skip bin comes in many different dimensions. So the mere volume of a skip bin may be irrelevant if the shape of it prevents maximise use. For example, a bin that tapers down may affect its usage efficiency compared to a more traditional rectangular shaped one.


One factor that many people tend to forget is accessibility. It somewhat correlates to the dimensions of the bin concerned. For example, if you have a narrow entry into your backyard then you must make sure that the bin will fit through it if the majority of your junk is in the backyard. Also, don’t forget that the truck used to deliver the bins must also fit through any entries. Apart from access to your property, access to the actual bin itself is important. That is why many bins nowadays has an access ramp that folds down. Just like the one pictured below, courtesy of Wizz Binz:


Skip Bin Price

This is an obvious one where the hire price is normally the showstopper to whether you hire a skip bin or not. Why? Simply owing to affordability. Whilst many wish an ideal sized bin with ideal dimensions to get the job done, unfortunate pricing may be the hurdle. More often than not, people tend to go for the most affordable option. Whilst this is normally a clear cut option, just make sure that other factors explained above are checked to avoid disappointment.

Another Top Removalists in Perth

Yes, I know.. I gave a shout out to a couple of companies in my last few posts. I even said the word “best” a couple of times and I am about to contradict that statement. However I am not apologising, as I never said anything technically wrong. You see, at the time when I write a post – it is definitely true. Now I am dedicating yet another post to yet another removals company here in Perth. If you remember from my previous post I mentioned Crusaders but this time around I wanted to give a shout out to Perth Removalists WA.

Here are some of the reasons to why I think Perth Removalists WA might even be “the best of the best”. Now of course the reasons below are 100% purely my opinions, so don’t take it to heart. In fact, if you disagree I would like to hear from you. So comment below this page and perhaps start a dialogue. Anyways, back to the list to why I think Perth Removalists WA is now (in my opinion) the number one removals company in Perth:

  • Friendly service: I don’t know about you, but for me personally it is all about the service. I demand friendly service from the get go
  • Prompt: timing is super important. How many times have you been let down when a tradesman promised of being on-time, yet he failed to deliver his promise; disappointing right?
  • Affordability: yep, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s 1995 or 2017 – affordability has always been on the minds of customers. So if you strive to be competitive, your product/service charge should also reflect this. If it doesn’t than you may experience a very slow growth
  • Expertise: all of the above is great, but what is worth if the quality/expertise is not there. For example, paying slightly more to receive awesome service is somewhat a very small price to pay. Would you not agree? I definitely do!
  • Trustworthy: different people may have different views/opinions on this. But in a nutshell, I think trustworthy also ties well with after sales care. Basically what I am trying to say is that having a company backing you up in case something goes horribly wrong is vital. Imagine after a removals process, you later found your beloved couch was damaged during the move. Then upon notifying the removals company, they flat out denied responsibility. What good of a service is that? Pretty poor service, if you asked me!

So there you go…. many reasons to why Perth Removalists WA is up there with the best when it comes to removal services. Let us know what you think, especially if you have used them before.