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As I’ve mentioned somewhere on this blog. I have done many house moves in the last five or six years. To be honest with you, I have used several removals companies in my lifetime! Most were average but my last one was exceptional. I was so impressed with them that I wanted to give them a shout out here on this very blog about removal and storage tips. Many of you out there might be thinking this is giving them a free plug on my site. But it’s far from that. I am genuine about mentioning them on my site to show my appreciation of their awesome and exceptional service.

It was a couple years back when I was living in Morley and moving to Cannington (suburbs in Perth for those who don’t know) during peak period. Like I’ve said, I’ve used other removals service, but to be honest the service was average. Being a perfectionist myself, I am always willing to try someone new. Not only that, if their service is good than I would spread the word to the rest of the community and give them a good publicity that they thoroughly deserved. Just like what I am doing by writing and publishing this post. This Perth company trading as Crusader Removals is a top notch removals company employing some of the very best removalists in Perth.

So what made them really good in my opinion? Well to start of with their were very accommodating with my request from the get go. Trust me, I had a lot of questions before booking their truck. Especially with regards to my antique collection. Sure, I had ample of insurance cover for them but the fact that the guys at Crusader Removals reassured me they will take the out most care whilst handling the antique stuff was just what I needed. The last thing I wanted on my mind was the uneasy thoughts of something going wrong with my valuables, especially my antiques.

For those who have not owned or passionate about antique materials might not understand. But I am sure for those who love their antiques can relate to my story.

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Another thing that I loved about them was the fair price. Sure, they’re probably not the absolute cheapest in Perth. But then again, they don’t blatantly try to rip you off either. Which happened to me before in the past. But that’s another story.. for another day.

After speaking to the manager over the phone, they also reassured me that their removalists had plenty of years behind them. To the average person, moving stuff around looks like child’s play but believe me it is definitely not! On top of the ample of experience behind them, they had all the right tools to do the job right, the first time. Unlike others that I have experienced before. But I won’t mention any names here!

So there you go, my quick shout out to this awesome removals company!

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