Removals Company Also Offer Storage Services!

Earlier this month, we recommended a Perth removals company for your removal needs. But as of last week, we have also discovered that the same company also offer storage services. They offer both short term and long term storage options. In fact, the company has a division dedicated to storage – meaning they have experts in house to answer any questions you may have with regards to the service. For more info, please search for Crusader Storage (Perth). We definitely recommend going with this company if you are ever looking for a reputable and affordable storage provider within the Perth metropolitan area.

Here’s a photo of their storage modules on site:

As you know, we’d love to give you tips that will make your next job that little bit easier. So after finding out about this additional service that the Perth company provide, it makes a lot of sense for you to hire the same company for both your removals and storage needs. Not only you will save money by bundling the two services together, but it also makes life a lot easier by just dealing with one company – rather than two separate ones.

Most people who relocate will also need some sort of storage service. Whether they are relocating temporarily or permanently. For example if you are temporarily relocating to sell the current house that you are in. Why move the furniture to the storage unit whilst trying to sell.. you might ask? Although there could be many answers, the main reason is to display newly hired furniture to give the place you’re trying to sell a bit more oomph! As they say, the better the place looks – the more it will sell for. There is no denying the fact. The same could be said about permanent relocations. Why would someone store their belongings when moving out, why not take the belongings straight to their new place? One possible answer is that people may not necessarily want to bring their old furniture to their new place and instead opting to buy brand new ones.

We’d also like to point out that Crusader Storage is a little different to other run-of-the-mills storage facilities. It is not a self access facility. But instead a very secure self contained facility with modern storage units or “modules”. Although not being a self access storage facility, you can still retrieve your stored items by simply contacting the friendly staff. This allows the company to reduce the price significantly, compared to other providers in the area.

So there you go.. another top notch recommendations from us to you!

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