Why Moving Out Can Be an Emotional Experience

Moving can be an emotional and unsettling time for a myriad of reasons, particularly if it is the first time you have ever moved out of your family home. So many precious memories are made in a home and can almost seem like they are attached to a particular room or house and the furniture inside it. Of course this isn’t reality, but it can certainly feel that way! Moving into a home (or a dorm room or share house) can be even more unsettling as it it often involves needing to clean out and/ or get rid of/ donate items that won’t fit your new accommodation or which you might no longer need.

Whilst donating items you no longer need to a worthy charity can be a very positive and uplifting experience, sometimes there are precious items from your childhood or things that you aren’t quite ready to part with yet. These items might not be needed or wanted in your new home or room and the thought of having to throw away or donate these items can be a particular source of anxiety, especially if you would like to keep them but have nowhere suitable to store them. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t feel pressured to throw away items that are significant to you!

Hang onto those items that you cherish and instead, check around your new location for storage facilities.

Chances are you can rent a small storage unit for a small and affordable monthly fee, allowing you to store those items that won’t fit in your new accommodation wherever you are moving to. Make sure you compare the size and prices of the local storage companies and make sure that the company you choose offers great security for your peace of mind and also treats pests regularly. We recommend any small items be stored in sturdy plastic tubs for additional peace of mind. This protects your documents or photos and other belongings from pests, damp and has the added benefit of being easily stacked and stored, allowing you to maximise the space you are renting.

Knowing that the belongings you can’t take with you are stored safely and securely can really help ease the anxiety that is often part of moving house.

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